Local Policies

Local Policies

  • Delhi Slum & JJ Rehabilitation and Relocation Policy 2015

    “JJ bastis which have come up before 01.01.2006 shall not be removed…without providing them alternate housing”

    “terms and conditions of allotment of alternative dwelling unit:

    the contribution of the beneficiary will be Rs. 1,12,000/- per dwelling unit having the carpet area of 25 sq. mtrs…in addition, the beneficiary will be required to pay an amount of Rs. 30,000/- at the time of allotment of the dwelling unit, towards the cost of maintenance for a period of 5 years.

    The dwelling unit shall be allotted to the eligible JJ dweller for a period of 10 years on lease hold basis after which it will be converted into free-hold as per the prevalent policy…”

    “DUSIB shall provide alternate accommodation to those living in JJ Bastis, either on the same land or in the vicinity within a radius of 5 Km.”

    Delhi Slum & JJ Rehabilitation and Relocation Policy 2015. HINDI PDF